New Parent Information-XTREME CHEER & DANCE

New Parent Information

There are two options for tuition payment:

OPTION 1 – Payment in full - All monies paid are non-refundable.             
OPTION 2 – Available to new and returning athletes.
Auto Pay: Deduct payment for 12 months on the 1st of every month.
If family chooses NOT to use ACH and prefers to use check or cash each month, a 2% service charge will be added to the balance. The 2% charge will be added to each monthly payment.
Team Placement & Practice
  • The athletes will be placed on teams that are appropriate to their skill, developmental and safety levels.
  • Athletes may be offered a spot on a competition team. It is up to the parents and athlete to decide whether or not to accept the position. Athletes are allowed to stay at the recreational and prep level if they choose.  
  • Recreational, Prep and Competitive teams will be added if necessary.
  • Athlete’s placement on a specific team and their position on any team is not guaranteed.
  • Tumbling skills must continue to be thrown by athlete throughout season.
  • Proper practice attire is required (a practice clothes schedule will be supplied)
  • Attendance (Regular practices) – this is a team sport and we expect every athlete to attend each practice.
  • Absence request must be submitted no less than 2 weeks prior to requested days off. Absence request will not be considered if within 2 weeks of a competition.
  • Any athletes that join after August 15th will be placed on a Prep team suitable to their age. (Any special circumstances must be approved through Traci.)
  • If no payment is received within 45 days, the athlete will be asked to sit out from practice until a payment is made.
  • A strict policy of NO PAY, NO PLAY!
A valuable part of our program is special performances inside and outside of our community. Our objective is to expose team members to the benefits of team travel, getting to know our teammates, and seeing other programs.
Behavior showing pride in Xtreme Cheer & Dance, our community, and our teammates is expected at all times. Athletes and Parents are expected to be good citizens who demonstrate a respectful attitude towards others.  
Once you are registered. Please contact Traci for a complete copy of the XCD Handbook. 

Contacts: Director/Owner Traci Loecker 770-8803 or or Taylor Davis-Bohr 933-1720 or