All-Star Rec Treams - These teams practice one hour a week. These are teams that work on skills in the gym. These teams require no uniforms or travel fees. You pay a monthly tuition and that is the only cost associated with a rec team. 

All-Star Prep teams - These teams practice 1 - 2 hours a week. They do perform and compete, however, they are more competing for the experience. Uniforms are at a minimal fee. These teams travel to 2 competitions throughout the year and will perform locally. 

All-Star Competition Teams - These teams practice 3 - 5 hours a week. Their goal is to win and they practice and live as such. They will travel to out of state competitions. They will partake in any extra classes that will help themselves and/or their team to a championship title. 

Classes in both cheer & dance are offered at all 3 levels.

All-Star dance focuses on Jazz, Hip-Hop and Pom. 

Individual Routines are routines that are focused on the athlete(s). These routines can be both for cheer and dance. This is a routine the athlete learns and performs by themselves. They can choose the coach of their choice and perform at the competitions of their choice. 

Individual lessons or private lessons are one-on-one lessons with a coach of their choice.